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Introduction of School of Literature and Law
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School of Literature and Law was founded in 2006, derived from the humanities and Social Sciences Department and began to hold undergraduate in 2002.Currently ,school sets four undergraduate majors,Chinese Language and Literature, Law, Techniques of Broadcasting & Hosting Arts,and Broadcasting and TV Directors.Presently School has more than 1100 full-time students.

College has a team of teachers with vigor and vitality.since “the 11th five-year plan”,teachers in our school hosted or participated in more than 85 Scientific research topics over prefectural level,published different kinds of monographs or teaching materials,published 213 all kinds of academic papers including 118 published in core journals. School builds college-level excellent cours.There is 2 Pacesetter teachers of Henan province,1 Civilized teacher of Henan province,1Person of the year as colleges and universities instructor of Henan province,2 enjoying award First prize of teaching skills competition in Henan province,so as to 2 enjoying award Second prize,and another 58 teachers received the awards and honors of Nanyang Institute of Technology.

School owns Literature 、 Laws and Movies experiment and training center,Under the 13 categories of training room including computer application ability training center,Chinese Language and literature comprehensive skills training center,simulated court,3 television studios,6 speech analysis and synthesis training center,Film editing and synthesis training center,photography training center,pull film analysis training center,image modeling training center,digital studio,broadcasting station and Legal Aid Center(the first clinic typical Laws training center base of college and university in Henan province). School also owns academic library reference room so as to provide convenience for teachers teaching and research.

School regards cultivating advanced applied talents with excellent comprehensive quality as the ultimare goa,adheres to open education and actively implemens “Xingyue Plan”formulated by Nanyang institute of technology.School draws support from local and serves local by way of school-enterprise cooperation,school-local cooperation.School builds more than 20 practice base such as Nanyang Intermediate People’s Court,Nanyang Peoples’s Radio,Nanyang Minglun real estate development Co., Ltd and Nanyang Rongchang school.In order to inprove hands-on ability and professional skills for students our school regularly organizes students to practice base to visit and practice training.School makes full use of our own professional resources and talent advantage to provide kinds of services and support for the harmonious development of local economy and society.School lays emphasis on sharpening students' characters through social service activities and cultivtes students’sense of social responsibility and devotion.Since the establishment of the Legal Aid Center,it provides legal advice to more than 3600 people accumulated obligations for the community.Center writes more than 300 copies of legal documents and handles more than 80 cases of assistance cases.The center completes China market development project funded by the World Bank whose implementation has a greater impact on the internal and external.Center has won the "advanced collective for legal aid" awarded by Henan Judicial office and “Rights Demonstration Post” awarded by Nanyang Working Committee on Children and Women.

School Services enterprise and society by way of organizing professional and technical personnel training for cooperative units,founding enterprise publications and shooting advertising film for the enterprise.Recent years school has organized many activities such as setting up a new socialist countryside practice base by school-village cooperation,organizing students to participate in the tour performance held by NYTV and signing an agreement to build a community culture with Baihe Street Office of the Wei camp community.All of the activities have a greater social repercussions and show good image and comprehensive strength of teachers and students of School of Literature and Law to service and support local. Since 2008,summer social services team founded by our school gains college and millde school student summer“three countryside” outstanding service team title 5 times in Henan province.

Rich and colorful Second Lesson boosts students' comprehensive quality. “Literatur and Law Forum”expands the academic field of vision;professional competitions such as “Newspaper Editing Competition”and “Micro Film Competition”improve practical abilities;series of sports activities such as Sunshine sports,evening party to welcome newcomers and crosstalk sketch competition strengthen the body and cultivate the sentiment;public interest community activities such as “Leifeng Company” and Love society raise the level of ideological and moral.

Since 2010,there are more than 80 students in our school who have get bonus in all kinds of provincial level competitions.At national “China extol”classic reading contest students won first prize in 2011.At the 13th Qiyue Reading Festival we won outstanding works award.We won first prize at National English Contest for College Students,outstanding works award at the second national professional planning competition and the first prize at the ninth challenge cup of Henan Province.At the same time of harvest,the students of our school exercise their capacities,win the confidence and form the fine style of study.

The graduates of our school own good qualities,outstanding professional abilities and strong competitiveness for employment.The annual rate of employment for graduates is above 94%.There are more than 30 percent of law graduates who pass the examination for postgraduate or civil servants annually. The pass rate of judicial qualification examination is 47.37 percent in 2013. Most students of Chinese language and Literature employ in all types of enterprises to engage in propaganda,planning or administrative work at large and medium cities.Other students of Chinese language and Literature study for master degree or apply for a job as a teacher.The first graduate of Techniques of Broadcasting & Hosting Arts whose employment prospects is encouraging.Yinfei,Liu Jie, Yu Haiyan, and so on more than a dozen students,through the competition with the same professional graduates from famous universities,successful employ in Hunan satellite TV, Hubei satellite TV and Taizhou TV of Zhejiang province to act as the host of the program.Those achivements show garduates excellent professional quality and competitive strength of employment.

“By the east wind of the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC, all the teachers and students of our school ,with full of confidence and dream, are seizing the opportunity,rising in great vigor with a positive attitude and a rigorous and pragmatic style to strive to create a better tomorrow for the School of Literature and Law.

Welcome to School of Literature and Law!